Naghshe Jahan Square(Giga Pixel)

Naghseh Janan Square was built in 1602 during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi as it stands today. The site with a length of 525 meters and a width of 159 meters and two hundred double floored chambers is only second in size as compared to Tianmen Square in Beijing, China. In each of its four sides, an impressive monument namely ALI GHAPOO PALACE in west, JAME ABBASI MOSQUE in south, SHEIKH LOTFOLAH MOSQUE in east and GHEISARIEH BAZAAR in north are situated. The square in Safavi times was used for Polo games, army marches, celebrations, Friday Bazaar, and various shows and representations. Nowadays, the traditional shops around the square have transformed into a showplace for display of Esfahan handmade art. Naghshe Jahan Square and its surrounding features are considered as master pieces of world wide architecture which were officially registered in 1991 as the tenth WORLD HERITAGE EXHIBITION by UNESCO.


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